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5 Emotional Stages Of A Haircut

Sisters With Beauty // Butterfly Transition

Photo Credit: E.Y.E Imagery Studios

As naturals look into cutting their hair, I want to tell you there are some levels to getting a haircut that I didn’t know before. No one pulled me aside and filled me in or gave me a cheat sheet. I had to come to these levels all by myself. But I’m not about keeping secrets, so I’m letting the cat out the bag.

What I’m about to tell you is possibly TOP SECRET. These levels all came rushing towards me before, during and after my cut, so let’s talk about them. Read on to find out the five emotional levels I experienced with my recent #ButterflyCut.


Listen, scared of these clippers, I was. I never knew I could be afraid of a hair cut. What did I do and how did I allow myself to do it? I slept on edge my first night of my hair cut. I went to bed afraid that I would totally HATE my hair and my decision to cut. If you have cut your hair and now are sitting in FEAR, know you’ve just touched the first level of Hair Cutting, and YES this is normal.

Fear is our immediate response to change. It’s our defense mechanism to making a decision not rooted in standing still. Congrats, this will subside shortly, but for now run around the room screaming or sit perfectly still in front of the mirror. This is not a drill, it’s real and yes your hair is really gone.

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