This Detox Drink Will Significantly Boost Your Energy & Revitalize Your Skin

woman drinking water

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With summertime right around the corner, I’ve been very preoccupied with making sure everything is snatched. From my hair (taking vitamins and doing more steam/deep conditioner treatments) to my figure (going hard in the gym at least three times a week), I’ve been steady on the road to whipping my behind into serious shape so once summer comes, I have no regrets about enjoying everything that comes with good weather. And that also includes skin.

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After going on a strict water cleanse for an entire month, I noticed a lot of changes in my skin — for the better. Its texture and its overall appearance was an entire transformation. Since seeing the simple solution to my recent skin problems (crazy acne breakouts and excessive eczema), I decided to continue to pursue more drinking methods that focus on health and skin.

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