5 Reader-Approved DIY Hair Masks

Coconut Oil X Olive Oil

Oil Trinity 

Reader Melissa B swears by what might well be the holy grail of oil mixtures. “I love this combination because it leaves my hair so soft and shiny. It’s my go to before any big event,” she said.

All three of these oils have properties to moisturize and condition your strands to promote healthy growth. Coconut and olive oil specifically have actually penetrate the hair shaft to help repair damaged hair cuticle, while castor oil helps prevent split ends and nourishes the scalp.nourishes, moisturizes, conditions, and strengthens hair while also minimizing hair loss and dandruff. They also have antimicrobial and ant-fungal properties.

Combine equal parts:
Unrefined organic coconut oil
Extra virgin olive oil
Castor oil.

Squeeze most of the water out of your hair before applying. Massage your scalp with it for a few minutes, then evenly distribute the mixture along the length of your hair. Finally, saran wrap your mane for an overnight sessio (or at least two hours). Wash and condition as usual the next day.

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