This ‘Afro Bloomin’ Photoseries Is Simply Stunning

Dazhane Leah X Afro Bloomin'

Photo Credit: Dazhane Leah

London photographer Dazhane Leah has simply stunned us with her new photo series celebrating the power – and beauty – of natural hair. With spring in the air, Leah’s Afro Bloomin’ artwork incorporates flowers and naturally textured hair to not only highlight Black girl magic, but to also bring into focus a larger conversation of how connected black hair is to black empowerment.

“I see beauty in natural hair and I see beauty in flowers – together I think they go hand in hand and I wanted to express my own passions and opinions as well as [the views of] others through my photos,” Leah told BuzzFeed News.

Dazhane Leah X Afro Bloomin'

The artwork is part of a larger photo series on Black Power. Before shooting this first theme, Leah took to social media to ask what ‘black power’ meant to them. The responses, which included “understanding that our hair is meaningful” and “being unapologetic about our features, culture, and background”, inspired the shoot.

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