Hype Chat: ‘Have & Have Nots’ Angela Robinson Talks Wigs & Hair Must-Haves

Angela Robinson

HH: What are some of your must-have hair products?
AR: Olive Oil Edge Control, Carol’s Daughter Hair Balm, Ion Semi-Permanent Color, It’s a 10 Leave-in Conditioner, KeraCare Shampoo and Conditioner.

HH: Can you share any budget-friendly hair and beauty tips?
AR: I try to invest in really good hair for weaves. It lasts longer, so it’s actually cost effective to do that. However, when I couldn’t invest and I was doing my own weaves, I would buy the weave in a box. It’s a bit cheaper, no cut is needed and it is easy to do yourself. This can save you a lot of money.

For moisturizing my body, I take an olive oil bath. Take a cap full of olive oil (or two depending on the size of your tub) add it to your bath and soak. This is a great way to moisturize your skin all over without investing in expensive moisturizing shower gels. For body scrub, I have used brown sugar and olive oil. It works great.

HH: What’s the best advice you can give our readers on makeup?
AR: Don’t be afraid to experiment. Recently I had my 16-year-old niece teach me how to do my brows. Even makeup changes with time. Don’t get stuck. Watch the trends and then find what works for you. Also, don’t forget to cleanse your skin thoroughly every night.

HH: What are your must-have beauty products?
AR: Albolene Cleanser for heavy makeup removal. Cetaphil Cleanser, sea salt body scrub, Bliss night moisturizer, Bliss neck moisturizer and Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with sunscreen.

HH: What are the must-haves in your bag?
AR: Makeup, hand cream, lip balm, lotion, a brush, water, some mints and always a healthy snack.

HH: What inspires you?
AR: I have many sources. I am inspired by other women. I love women. I have many girlfriends. I enjoy the sisterhood. I am always inspired by my sisters. I am inspired by the culture. I get a lot of ideas from television and magazines. I enjoy fads and trends.

Everything doesn’t have to be classic for me. I love a good trend if it works for my body type and age. I’m inspired to care for my body, my hair, my skin because I believe it pleases God when I do it. While I am inspired by the desire to look my best, I believe there is something bigger at play. I believe every ounce of this creation deserves care and upkeep. It is an act of stewardship for me. It is my way of saying to God, “You can trust me to take care of your creation.” I don’t always succeed, but that’s my inspiration.

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