Beauty & The Beat: Raye 6’s Amazingly Diverse Tresses

Raye 6

Photo Credit: Josie Zetina

HH: When you’re on the road, ,what are your go-to styling products?
Raye: I use Mario Nico shampoo and conditioner because it’s enriched with shea, vitamin A, C and wheat protein. I also use Cantu leave in conditioner, Pro style gel to slick my hair back – because my natural has to be laid! – and I finish it off with Mario Nico “Sunshine” spray that has Vitamin A, E & D and sunscreen.

HH: Do you have any hair horror stories?
Raye: YES! I made a wig once to wear for a photo shoot. As I’m getting out of the cab to go into the space that we were using, my hair (wig) snagged a tree and came right off! Other than that, no major hair malfunctions. I’ve been doing hair since the age of 11. I have to admit that I’ve mastered the hair game.

Raye 6

Photo Credit: Instagram/@Raye6

HH: 11? Are you serious? Why and how did u start doing hair at 11? I need this story.
Yup! 11 years old. It started with all of the ladies in my church. I would wash and curl their hair for money. From there, I began to cut and curl. I was able to help my mom out with bills and to make my own money so I didn’t have to ask my single mom for too much. That evolved into managing a salon/barbershop and I was singing and doing hair on the side all thru grammar school and high school. I saved up enough money to put myself thru my first year of college with no financial aid (Devry Institute in GA).

HH: That’s amazing! You are a regular renaissance woman, aren’t you? If you could be doing anything else besides singing and slaying, what would it be?
Raye: I would curate art. Whether it be styling, directing, photoshoots, gallery exhibits. It will always be about art for me.

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