Stylist Spotlight: Kameesha “K.Dot” Allick

Kameesha "K.Dot" Allick

Photo Credit: Kameesha “K.Dot” Allick

HH: Tell us about your own personal hair journey? 
KA: I have had every hairstyle at least once. I have colored my hair, relaxed my hair, and texturized my hair. If you can think of it, I’ve tried it. But now, I am all natural. I wear extensions for convenience and style. I have a beautiful shoulder length coils.

HH: What’s your personal best hair moment?
KA: My best hair moment is now. Every day I rock my custom made units made with iWeave Alpha Collection hair in different colors and styles. But, if I want to take them off and wear my natural hair, I can.

HHWorst hair moment?
KA: My worst hair moment was when I was a senior in high school and I experimented with blonde hair. I was cute for three weeks, then I got a relaxer and most of my hair fell out.

HH: What hair product can’t you live without?
KA: I can’t live without my silicone mix conditioner. Surprisingly, it’s a very inexpensive product that works like magic. If your hair is dry and needs a quick boost, especially extensions, this product will revive your hair’s natural shine. Also, I love argan oil! Use while your hair is wet. It’s the best way to keep your hair moisturized.

Our stylist spotlight series recognizes licensed stylists all across the country who are creating crush-worthy manes in their own neighborhoods and beyond.

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