Stylist Spotlight: Kameesha “K.Dot” Allick

Hair by Kameesha "K.Dot" Allick

Hair by Kameesha “K.Dot” Allick // Photo Credit: iWeave

HH: What one thing do you wish all of your clients knew or did before sitting in your chair?
KA: One thing I wish all of my clients knew is the incredible experience and journey they are about to partake in sitting in my stylist chair. This journey consists of creativity, innovation, style, with a classically trained technique that produces a satisfying experience.

For some, this brings a brand new self-awareness, maturity factor and for some the gratification that turns back the hands of time. But, for all it is the desired result.

HH: What’s the most common advice you give your clients?
KA: The most common advice I give to my clients is to take care of your hair! Your hair is the foundation to any hairstyle – whether you wear it natural, or a weave. Never ever use glue! Glue is for arts and crafts!

HH: Are there any hair trends you’re looking forward to seeing more of?
I’m looking forward to more creative color with pastels. I’m looking forward to the wob (wavy bob). That is definitely a big thing this year!

HH: Are there any trends you wish would go away?
KA: The hair trend I wish would go away is when women shave one side of their head —  they are not Cassie.

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