7 Secrets to Healthy Colored Curls

Moisturize Hair

1. Be careful of over-processing hair.

The truth is too much of anything is not good! There is only so much your hair can take. Color after color, (especially when lightening), can cause damage over time and make your hair extremely fragile. It is best to have your color done professionally and to follow the advice of your stylist for maintenance and at-home care.

2. Nourish your hair with moisture.

Curly hair is naturally thirsty hair. Coloring the hair (especially lightening) lifts the cuticles on the hair, which will cause the hair to be more porous, absorbing more moisture. Because the hair is porous, it will also cause moisture to easily evaporate. Be sure to choose products that provide the extra moisture that your hair will need.

3. Deep condition often.

I recommend it with every other wash. This will replenish the extra nourishment your color treated hair needs.

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Kunita is a licensed stylist, YouTuber, speaker, and blogger. She works as a stylist, colorist, and texture specialist at Estetica Salon & Spa in St. Paul, MN. Kunita's tag line is "Embrace Your Own Natural". She hosts natural hair events and meet-ups in her area to encourage women to embrace, enjoy and appreciate their own individual natural hair and beauty.