Hype Chat: AJ Crimson Shares Tips For The Perfect Lip

AJ Crimson Beauty - Lipstick

Photo Credit: AJ Crimson Beauty

HH: We love the new lipstick shades that you have introduced into your makeup collection. How can our readers create their own signature, red carpet-inspired lipstick look at home?
AC: It’s easy! Reach for something bold! When on the red carpet my “Crimson Girls” want to be showstoppers, so we make the lips the focal point. First make sure you exfoliate the lips with a lip scrub. You can make this at home with a little sugar and honey.

AJ Crimson Beauty X Role Play

Photo Credit: AJ Crimson Beauty

Moisturize the lips with your favorite lip balm and then let it soak in while you apply your makeup. Then, choosing your favorite shade of AJ Crimson Sultry + Matte Lipstick—like No Explanation or Crimson Rose—apply a generous amount to the center of the lower lip, then blot, pressing and spreading the lipstick along your natural lip line. Be sure to get the inner corners of the mouth for a sharp finished look. Add a deeper lip liner for more drama. Repeat until you love it!

HH: What’s a simple way to make sure that our lipstick lasts throughout the day and evening?
AC: For long lasting lipstick, use a lip liner in a similar shade as the lipstick you’re applying. Fill in the entire lip with the liner then apply your lipstick over the top starting in the center. You’ll have luscious lips all day long!


HH: A lot of women shy away from wearing red lipstick because they have a hard time finding a shade that works well for them. What is the best way to find the perfect shade of red for our skin tones?
AC: Always go for blue-based reds. They work on practically every skin tone, especially ours.

HH: What are some of your other top favorite lipstick tips and tricks that our readers should keep in mind when creating the perfect pout?
AC: Use Scotch tape, lip liner and a lip brush to create the sharp corner of the mouth! Make a creamy lipstick the perfect matte lipstick by applying the lipstick, blotting with a tissue then applying a touch of AJ Crimson Neutral Matte setting powder to the lipstick. Then repeat to perfection!

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