Hype Chat: Celeb MUA Tish Ferguson Talks Finding Her Passion & The Secret To Flawless Makeup

Tish Ferguson

Makeup by Tish Ferguson | Photo Credit: Rickey Allen

HH: Now, you’re on sets on major network styling hair and beating faces. What’s that like?
TF: Each set is different because you’re working with different people. It’s a fast paced environment and execution is very important. I love it! It gives me an adrenaline rush. And, I love seeing my work on TV. That one moment of work can last a lifetime because it’s recorded for the masses to see.

HH: Who would you love to work with?
TF: Solange and Erykah Badu because they are amazing spirits.

HH: What’s the secret to a great beat?
TF: Great skin is the secret to a flawless makeup application. Even if you have hyper pigmentation, you want to make sure your skin is smooth and there isn’t any texture to the skin [which] can throw your foundation base all the way off.

HH: What is one thing you wish all your clients knew before a shoot?
TF: I wish my clients knew more about skin prep. I find that a lot of women do not have a skin care regimen. So ladies, take care of your skin! Exfoliate 3 times a week. Use a moisturizer and cleanser that is made for your skin type. Whether it be oily, dry or combination, ALL skin NEEDS moisturizer.

Q: Now, tell us about your HAIR! I love it! It’s so thick and full!
TF: LOL. I’m natural, so I keep up with regular treatments and play with different styles. I am also no stranger to protective styling. My protective style of choice is a weave or a wig that is the same texture as my hair. I love my curl pattern so even if I’m wearing a weave I want it to resemble who I am. [Though] my hair changes up, one thing that remains constant is my color. I keep my hair jet black or dark brown because I meet new people on different projects and may not see them for another six months. I want my image to remain constant so people remember me.

HH: What’s next on your list? Do you plan to do more with this or are you happy painting faces?
TF: What is next is makeup! All things makeup! I’m going after the next client! I also want to go on tour as well as work on movie sets. I have a vision board of things I want to do because, in my eyes, I’m just getting started.

HH: What advice would give to someone else looking to follow their own passion?
TF: I would tell ANYONE who has a dream to go chase it! God put it in your heart to pursue it. We should never let our dreams go to waste. The only way you can lose is if you give up.

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