Hype Chat: Celeb MUA Tish Ferguson Talks Finding Her Passion & The Secret To Flawless Makeup

Tish Ferguson

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Makeup artist Tish Ferguson is finally living her passion. For the past five years, the NYC-based beauty diva has been building her beauty brand, beating faces and busting the myth that only celebrities should have access to red carpet slayage.

But before Ferguson was giving face to reality stars from VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, such as Yandy Smith, Erica Mena and Amina, or serving as key makeup artist on MTV’s ‘Follow the Rules,’ she was looking for a way out of corporate America and finding her passion.

Hype Hair contributor Mocha Carter caught up with the multi-hyphenate beauty diva (she’s also a hairstylist, beauty blogger and educator), to talk about her journey to working on such sets as VH1, MTV, BRAVO and ABC, the secret to flawless makeup and the one thing she wish all her clients knew.

Hype Hair: What made you quit your job and move back home to do makeup?
Tish Ferguson: Working a 9-5 and having my destiny in the hands of someone else was something I couldn’t wake up to everyday. When I was at my lowest emotionally and suffering from a nervous breakdown my mom said to me: ‘Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself’. From that day on, I was on a mission to find what I was passionate about.

HH: How did you know it was your passion?
TF: I always loved making people over, so I took my makeup kit and started doing makeup. When the world went silent as I picked up my brushes, I knew that this was it! The feeling I get when I am painting faces is one that is indescribable.

HH: What do you think stopped you from starting sooner?
TF: Artistry has always been a passion of mine that I suppressed. Growing up, I was taught that I had to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher or police officer. Society taught me that anything in the arts wasn’t lucrative so I stayed away from it. But, when I became an adult and I had a choice between my sanity or society’s standards, I chose to hone my skills as an artist.

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