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6 Ways I Rocked My Crochet Havana Twists This Winter

Sisters With Beauty x Pony Wrap

Pony Wrap

No matter which picture you came across, I want you to know I’m over here acting all the way up with this hair style and I’m not done! I haven’t even opened them up yet. I’ll give you three reasons why I’m loving the Butterfly Twists (aka Havana Twists):

  • Simple to install (just like any other crochet install)
  • Don’t require much styling or maintenance (less shedding)
  • They can be worn as is or untwisted for a serious amount of YASSSS!!!
Sisters With Beauty x The Librarian

The Librarian

I wore this style with the twist closed because I just liked the look. They were effortless and kept my styling down to a minimum for work. In the past 2 weeks of having them in, I’ve done about seven really good hair styles.

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As the pictures were picked up and reposted by sites like Protective Styles (Instagram), I know for a fact I’m on the right track to name this style Protective Style Winter.

Sisters With Beauty

1920’s Roll

This season, I’m getting a break and freeing my hair from all of the manipulation it endured over the Summer. I’ll be getting my crochet braid game ALL THE WAY UP.

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