My Hairstory: How I Got My Bounce Back

Tiffany Ruffin

The “Big Chop”

The Big Chop (Sort of)

In 2012, I cut all the struggle hairs off. My hair felt and looked healthier, but I was still using heat on the weekends due to that cheek insecurity I explained and my lack of knowledge about shrinkage.

I began educating myself on how to maintain moisture and still create healthy fast growth. Over the course of two years, I slowly stopped straightening my hair and using heat altogether. By the end of 2014, I was embracing my curls with open arms. I was not where I wanted to be, but the progress I made was impressive. People began noticing a real change in my hair and the feedback was nothing but positive. This created a confidence I had never experienced before.

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I began obsessing over natural hair vloggers and their stories. I was learning tricks to promote healthy growth. I started experimenting with protective styles, co-washes and products until I found a definitive mixture that allowed my curls to bounce and be free.

Tiffany Ruffin

Me in Feb. 2016

All in all, going natural is a long process and you have to be dedicated. But, it’s worth it. Once you find what’s best for you and your curl pattern, results will soon follow!

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