Are You Making This Mistake With Your Eyebrows?


During a live tutorial, celebrity makeup artist Ariel Tejada shared the major mistake many of us are making when filling in our eyebrows: you’re doing too much!

“The overall objective is to fill in the sparse areas, not to fill in the entire brow,” explained Tejada, who is known for perfecting the faces of Cassie, Brandy, the Kardashian sisters and many others. “I’ll comb through the brows and wherever I see a little gap I’ll just fill. But, I won’t fill in the entire eyebrow because that’s when you get a more drawn-in effect.”

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Many times we go for the gusto and try to fill in the entire brow, which makes for a harsh, caricature-like finish. And trust, no one wants that!

“I start at the arch of the brow just creating a shadow like a background for the hairs so it’ll look like the brow is slightly fuller than normal,” he said.

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So, comb through and fill in the sparse areas only. Keep these two tips in mind while doing your eyebrows and see how flawless and natural they look!

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