Mane Hair Society Is Launching Dry Bars For Textured Hair

Mane Hair Society X Pop-Up Shop

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We’ve all heard the horror stories of finding a salon to get our textured ‘dos done.  First, you actually have to find someone who understands your kinks and curls and, then, you have to make sure you’re not being charged double for a similar service that your friend with straight hair is getting. Seriously?! And, let’s not talk about how long you have to sit just waiting for your tresses to be touched.

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Thankfully, celeb hairstylist Tippi Shorter and entrepreneurs Ashley Harrington and Gordon Williams are changing the hair game with Mane Hair Society, a network of dry bars for textured hair. They describe the hair bars as one-stop shops that specialize in styling and maintaining textured – wavy, curled, coily and relaxed – hair.

We caught up with Harrington, who originated the idea, and Shorter, who is Aveda’s global artistic director for textured hair, and has styled the manes of such celebs as Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Tracee Ellis Ross, to get the scoop on their new venture which will be launching later this year.

Mane Hair Society X Pop-Up Shop

Photo Credit: Vimeo/ManeHairSociety

Hype Hair: We love the concept of a dry bar for textured hair! What made you come up with it?
Ashley Harrington: Women with natural or textured hair, we are at a loss for finding great services at an affordable price point that we can trust. I can go down to Dominican salons, regular salons and blow out bars, but there’s nothing that speaks to textured hair or says ‘I understand, I get what you need’. [It’s addressing] all of these things that women who have textured hair go through, but we just want to demystify and make it simpler.

HH: I understand that Ashley reached out to you, Tippi, about the salon. What excited you most?
TS: What excites me is having a place where everyone is skilled and a professional in your hair type. Some [salons] focus on weaves, relaxing, weaves, cutting or even natural. But, they are all (and I’m generalizing), pushing their own agenda. They focus on style and they compromise on health. It’s like ‘your hair looks great, but damn, it’s fried.’ Or they focus on health of the hair, but you’re not getting the look that you want. We’re blending and creating a harmony with the two – and offering it consistently.

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