L.A. Reid Says Hair Is The ‘Big Thing’ In An Artist’s Career

Rihanna X L.A. Reid

Photo Credit: Charley Gallay

We all know the power of a good hair slay. It can immediately boost your mood and confidence, while instantly transforming you from hmm to hype. And it is the thing we look for first on our fave celebs on the red carpet. But who knew it could change the course of an artist’s career?

Music vet and chairman and CEO of Epic Records L.A. Reid – who has helped skyrocket such greats as Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, Ciara and Rihanna – said it can. In a recent appearance on The Real, he told the hosts that hair is “the big thing” for a successful artist in today’s music industry.

“You got to have the hair [right]. I’m looking at the hair the minute you walk in. The hair is as important as the chorus of the song. We make choruses so people sing along. You do the hair so people will imitate you. So if the hair is not right, you miss half the battle.”

Do you agree? Is hair a big factor in an artist’s career? Would you still be a super fan if your fave artist’s hair was not on fleek?


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