Neck Contouring: Would You Try It?


From your face to your chest (yes, some people take it there), contouring has hit its peak. Gone are the days of people being satisfied with a nice, subtly chiseled face, ladies are taking this secret makeup method of the stars to the extreme.

Recently, a new contouring method has swept the internet. Neck contouring, anyone?

Well, the beauty blogger behind the Instagram account MakeupWearable Hairstyles uploaded a 15-second tutorial clip on how to contour the back of your neck — because everyone wants a “slimmer, graceful-looking updo,” right?

Just like contouring your face, the blogger swiped a concealer a few shades darker than her skin tone down the sides of neck, blended it out and then used highlighter down the middle to complete the look. Interesting.

What are your thoughts? Are you as worried about erasing your double chin with the power of makeup or the back of your neck?

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