Splurge-Worthy: 3 Reasons Why You Should Cop The Lilumia Makeup Brush Cleaning System

Photo Credit: Lilumia

As simple as sterilizing your makeup brushes seems, it’s also a major bad habit many of us commit.

Many reputable sources recommend that you clean your brushes, ridding them of residue and germs that can be the cause of breakouts, bi-weekly if not weekly. But honestly, how many of us actually take the time to rinse them out regularly?

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Well, former model and founder, Fierra Cruz, has just revolutionized the necessity of keeping your makeup brushes sparkling clean with the help of technology. Just as mentioned, the Lilumia Brush Cleaner by Lilumia is basically a “washing machine for your makeup brushes,” according to InStyle.

“I came up with the concept for the device in 2012 as I completed my daily chore of manually cleaning dirty makeup brushes one by one,” said Cruz. “My frustrations led to search for a better solution and unfortunately I came up empty handed but I did not stop there! I saw an opportunity to develop this much needed product and now my vision has become a reality.”

However, if the $149 price point has you seeing stars, click through to find out why this product is a must-have.

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