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What I Used To Dye My Hair Blue

Gorgeous In Grey X Ty AlexanderSO. In my mind, I had quit the blue. I thought it was hindering my chances to be on TV and I thought if I looked… like… regular, it would happened (like I can really be regular). But TV just hasn’t happened yet. And for a millisecond, I thought I was too old for blue hair. Y’all know that didn’t last long. Cause I ain’t too old for anything! But seriously. I am back to dating the blue again and I kinda feel like this is my signature (part 2, because lets face it, the grey is my signature!).

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Once I realized all the “I’m too this or that’s” were merely lies and fearful thoughts that arrived once my greatness appeared, I grabbed my bottle of blue dye and channeled my inner rockstar.

I’ll probably do a how-to when I do my next touch up. I was just so anxious about the new year and having a semi-new look I just went for it all in the middle of my sink on New Years Eve and then thought, “oop my hair is blue again and I didn’t record it”. Next time, promise!

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