Is Your Hair Keeping You From The Gym?

women exercisingThe struggle is all too real when it comes to maintaining perfectly styled tresses. Naturalistas and relaxanistas (is that a word?) alike have all experienced hair care and upkeep woes – and, more likely than not, DIY fails that have left us searching for a hat or headwrap to save the day. But, is your mission for perfectly coiffed hair keeping you from the gym and meeting your health goals? In other words, are you skipping workouts so you don’t “sweat out your hair”?

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Miss Virginia USA Desiree Williams thinks so and research stating that as many as 40% of African American women avoid working out to preserve their hairdos drives home the point. The Hampton professor and doctor of physical therapy is helping to address the issue as co-author of the book Love Affair With My Hair: Why Black Women Cheat On Health.

Williams, along with medical correspondent Dr. Renee Matthews and Adeea Rogers, founder of International Natural Hair Day, recently appeared on HuffPostLive! to chat with host Nancy Redd to discuss barriers many African American women face with working out and ways to get healthy while keeping a fab ‘do. Williams even created a 12-week workout programmed around women’s weekly hair appointments, going from light to medium to heavy intensity workouts.

Press play below to watch the discussion and let us know: is your hair keeping you from the gym?

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