So, How Are Those Hair Resolutions Coming Along?

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We’re now a little over a week into the year and I’m just wondering where everyone is on their list of hair (among other) resolutions we promised ourselves in 2016. Honestly, between left over resolutions that never really happened last year and new hair goals we’d like to achieve this year, finding a regimen that sticks may seem a bit overwhelming and unrealistic. And no one is judging if you haven’t fully kicked your goals into high gear.

Instead of beating yourself up, let’s rethink this year’s resolutions. Instead of only aiming for the go-to’s we all know are necessary for stronger, healthier hair – let’s focus on incorporating self love and knowledge to keep our hair journeys on the winning side.

Achieving healthy and strong hair is not a race – it’s part of a life long journey that starts with these four key tips.

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