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This Is The Only Thing That Moisturizes My Natural Hair

shea butterI love my natural hair, but there is one problem that I have to contend with — dryness. In the summer, it gets weighed down by humidity but in the winter it’s just dry. I have tried so many different products — from glycerin to coconut oil — but I can’t begin to tell you how much my hair dislikes everything. But I have found something that does work and I love it!

So, what is my best kept secret for moisture all year round? It’s Shea Butter. I absolutely love Shea butter. I have tried the other butters one, including cupuacu butter, but Shea Butter is my go-to.

What is Shea Butter?
Shea Butter comes from the Karite Tree and has been used in Africa to help improve skin and hair. You can use Shea Butter for many things including skin, hair, nail cuticle oil, sunscreen protection, natural balm for baby’s skin.

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How do I use Shea Butter?
I use Shea butter as a stand alone on my face at night to moisturize my skin and I also use it on my hair by making my own whipped shea butter and this recipe has proven to not only soften my 4c hair, but keep it moisturized (as well as help it grow) in winter months when my hair typically broke off.

My Whipped Shea Butter Recipe
8 ounces of Shea butter
1 teaspoon grapeseed oil
1 teaspoon Argan oil
1 teaspoon coconut oil
2 drops essential peppermint oil
2 drops rosemary oil

Directions: Whip all of the ingredients together using a hand blender or blender of choice until it is the desired texture/softness. Scoop out into your favorite jar and store at room temperature.

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