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5 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Protective Style

PROTECTIVE Style WinterGuess who’s coming? JACK FROST! He is around the corner and down your scalp. So, as you navigate the winter months, here are five reasons why you should consider wearing more protectives styles.

  1. To give you a break from styling
  2. To minimize the manipulation of your hair
  3. To get more wear out of your hairstyles
  4. To increase your chances of hair length retention
  5. To give your hair a break from you

All 5 of these reasons have benefits to hair growth, decreased stress from styling, and even increased awareness of when to take your hands out of your hair.

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As the air becomes dry, you may have to change your hair products, wash regimen, and hair styling. The winter isn’t kind to our skin nor our hair. Meet this Winter with plans to protect your hair from all that it has to offer.

Don’t be caught out with your fro out in these snow storms. Follow me at www.sisterswithbeauty.com — it’s Protective Style Winter on the site and there will be more than enough information to go around. We want to keep you and your hair protected for the winter season.

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