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Would You Use Snot To Define Your Curls?

gorilla snotThe third ingredient is a little concerning for naturals since dryness is a huge factor for many. That ingredient is alcohol. And not the fatty alcohols that offer conditioning and film-forming to the hair. This is the alcohol you and I know to be drying to the hair and the skin. It’s an ingredient that I personally stay away from in my hair products.

PEG-150 is likely used in this product as a thickener and sorbitol acts as a much-needed humectant – a substance that attracts water. In this formula, it may be used to help minimize flaking.

So what’s the price point of this product? You can get a 6-pack of this product on Amazon for $11.99. I know. That’s a steal. Individual bottles can be found for as little as $2.99. A great price for budget-conscious naturals right?

The Bottom Line…

I don’t really have a high opinion of this product. Not because it won’t work. It for sure will for a few different hair types. But not for my type 4a-c hair. I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole. Why? Not because of ineffectiveness. But for me, the quality of the ingredients I use in my hair is far more important that the price of the product. Additionally, the way my hair feels when a product is on my hair is crucial. And I don’t want to have to use a million additional products to layer on my hair in order for my hair to “feel” the way I want it to. To me, that’s a waste of money and not worth it. I might as well just invest in a higher quality more expensive product that does what I want it to do, without need to use any additional product to reduce crunch, crisp or flakes.

I think this product would work well in type 2 and 3 hair, where curl definition can occur from a simple conditioner. In type 4 hair, the product MAY work —  but it depends on the hair texture and how the hair responds to this type of gel. Don’t look for your hair to feel super soft or hydrated from this product because it just won’t happen. And if you’re okay with some crunch, go right ahead and use it.

One more concerning thing…

The company that imports this product into the US from Mexico was fined in 2013 for having smog-containing compounds in this product. It paid $213,000 in fines for selling the line of hair gel in violation of consumer product regulations designed to protect air quality. Lab tests in 2010 determined this product exceeded California state limits for volatile organic compounds, pollutants that react with sunlight to form ozone, the main ingredient in smog. Check out the link to this report.

So, should you try this product? Well, it depends on what you’re using it for, how you like your hair to feel when product is in your hair, and if you care about ingredient and product quality. For $2.99, it won’t break the bank for you to try it and it may just surprise you. However for me, just taking a look at the ingredient list this product is definitely not one I’ll be reaching for.

Have you tried Gorilla Snot? What were your results??

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