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Product Testing As An Ampro Insider

Ampro Insider: Product Testing

For a few months now I’ve been working as an Ampro Insider. Basically what that means is that I regularly test beauty products for Ampro Industries and then share my opinion or comments about the products they send me to try.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Ampro – they’re the company that makes Ampro Pro Style Gel which has been around for years.  I love working with companies that have longevity, especially good hair brands.

Before I became an Insider, I didn’t know that Ampro made products for more than hair. I learned they also make skin care products, like their Vivas Beauty Bars, which I just learned about this year while out shopping in Deals.  Anyway, the price was right so I decided to give the Toasted Coconut Bar a try. Let me tell you, it’s amazing!

Ok, so back to the product testing.

Product testing is a great way for businesses to get insider information on how their product performs on actual users.  In this case, it gives Ampro information about how their hair products perform on various textures and helps them to make product improvements if necessary. In the end, it also helps the customers that end up buying from them.

One of the cool things about trying things out is I get to be a part of the process.  I don’t get paid to test for Ampro. But, just knowing that my opinion matters and can make a difference for others is the thing that appeals to me.  So, just to give you an idea of the kinds of stuff I’m trying, click through for a review of two products I recently tested.

Silk Edges

Shine & Jam Silk Edges

I’ve tried a lot of edge control brands over the years and what sets this one apart is there’s absolutely no flakiness, tackiness or dull looking edges as the hours go by. It doesn’t dry out at all and I find that I can reapply this on second and third day hairstyles without feeling like my edges are weighed down with product.

I can simply spritz my hair with oil and water, style with my favorite products and then use this to slick down my edges for a more polished look.

Silk Edges Gel

This is the Silk Edges. It has a thick consistency. Lots of shine, so flakiness or drying.

Pictured above, the Silk Edges gel has a thick consistency with lots of shine and no flakiness or drying. It comes in 2 oz. and 8 oz. jars and retails for $3.99/$8.99.

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