New Trend Alert: Spray on Nail Polish


Nails Inc is making nail polish bottles and brushes a thing of the past with the first-ever nail polish spray can. The British brand promises to be the “world’s fastest manicure” with an application process of only 20 seconds that lasting as long as regular nail polish.

To apply, simply aim and spray on your nails until they are all covered. Oh, and don’t worry about getting the nail polish on your hands. It washes off your skin with warm water, while staying on your nail bed.

As of now, their new time-saving nail invention is only available in pink and silver and across the pond. But in Spring 2016, their product launches in the US and you’ll be able to do away with all your polish bottles—or at least the ones that contain the aforementioned colors.

What are your thoughts on Nails Inc’s spray bottle? Could it be a good investment or a messy, waste of money?


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