6 Collections For Color-Treated Hair

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If you’re thinking of dyeing your tresses a beautiful autumn hue and want to preserve the health of your hair all season long, you may need to switch your shampoo and conditioner. Applying any type of chemical to your hair takes a toll on your strands and you want to find the best treatments to ensure moisture, retained length and styles that hold. Incorporating a cleanser, conditioner and deep treatment will provide the necessary nourishment needed to combat the biggest downfalls of colored treated hair.

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You want to find a sulfate-free shampoo that will rid you of any product build up but wont strip your hair of its color, natural oils or moisture which cause dryness and breakage. A hydrating conditioner is important to keep your hair moisturized especially because color dye can be extremely drying. To lock in moisture and repair damaged hair deep treatments are a necessary step in your hair care regimen.

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Sulfate-free products can reduce the chances of suffering from unmanageable hair. Click through to see products for both natural and relaxed hair that work best for color treated hair.

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