Why You Need A Hair Steamer In Your Life

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The quest for achieving maximum hair moisture is real, especially in the throes of winter’s frigid temps. When your hair is dry, it is harder to manage, more prone to breakage and unable to retain length. While figuring out what works best for your hair, it’s important to take note of what best helps you combat dry and limp strands. With deep conditioning treatments definitely on our list of do’s to help repair your mane, we suggest investing in a hair steamer for more moisturized and manageable results. For naturalistas, it will also keep your curl game strong all season long.

Steamers actually add moisture with heat to allow your conditioner to penetrate your hair shaft faster and deeper. In addition to increased moisture retention, benefits include more defined curls and improved elasticity as well as softer and more manageable hair.

Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, author of The Science of Black Hair and Hair Care Rehab, suggests cleansing and deep conditioning every seven to ten days before sealing the hair with oil and a butter based product . This ensures your hair will be moisturized until your next wash day.

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