‘DOPE’ Star Kiersey Clemons Shares How She Learned To Love Her Natural Hair

Photo Credit: Aaron Richter

Photo Credit: Aaron Richter

Going natural is not an easy journey and it doesn’t get easier when you have the entire world watching. DOPE star Kiersey Clemons proved that in her recently interview with Style Blazer about her hair journey. In fact, her struggle to accept her natural side sounds identical to that of many women who have transitioned.

Like most, her apprehension to giving up the creamy crack came from years of stereotypes:

“For a while, I was so caught up in what people think of you as a black girl if you have certain hairstyles. If you have braids or short hair or if you straighten it, people are going to make certain judgments about you. That’s not something I just put in my own head, it’s something I saw growing up as a kid.”

Clemons said her revelation to take the natural coif plunge was credited to following her dreams.

“It took a really long time for me to embrace my natural hair, it took a lot of seeing other women do it. It had to be bigger than me. I had to be like ‘f**k this s**t’ if I am going to be an actor, if I’m going to be given a platform, I can’t be afraid to be myself and do what I want to do.”

Are you (or considering becoming) a naturalista? If so, did anything hold you back? What helped you take the natural hair plunge?

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