‘HANNAH’, New Magazine For Women Of Color, Is Coming This Spring

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Take a walk by your local newsstand and you will see very few women gracing the glossy pages of today’s top magazines and even fewer on the cover. Qimmah Saafir, editor-in-chief and creative director of HANNAH magazine is changing the editorial game by bringing us the ultimate celebration of Black beauty in print.

HANNAH magazine is a bi-annual print book that promises to give a voice to women of color who seem to be null and void in the editorial world, specifically. While EBONY and ESSENCE have managed to be our brown beauty bibles for the last 40+ years, HANNAH is looking to plant its mark as a millennial-friendly outlet with captivating images, edifying interviews with Black industry professionals and featuring women that actually look like us in a positive light.

qimmah saafir

Photo Credit: Qimmah Saafi

In an interview with Grace Booney of Design Sponge, Saafir said:

“Women of color have been in the backdrop of everyone else’s scenes for years and years. Historically and cinematically. You might find three non-celeb women of color in an issue of a mainstream magazine. And sometimes it’s even like, ‘Hey, Grace, I want to feature you in our magazine. No, no, I don’t need any quotes from you. I don’t care about your mind or your story or your talent. I just want your hair. We’re going to focus on your hairstyle as a trend. But we’re going to call it something other than what you call it. Oh, and by the way, you won’t actually be in the piece. We have a white model for that. Thanks.’ *laughs*”

Saafir has successfully raised more than $37K via a Kickstarter campaign to cover production costs and will print its inaugural magazine for April 2016. Until then, click through to check out HANNAH Magazine’s introductory video.

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