Here’s What Happened After I Tried My First Korean Face Mask

korean mask

After rummaging through the 20+ masks, I settled on three: Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet, Green Tea, and Lemon.

Two days after my purchase, I finally tried out my first mask: the Sebum Control mask, which is infused with green tea, and is said to “quickly and effectively” treat oily and problem skin. The mask is soaked in the liquid and neatly folded. It has nice size eye, nose and mouth holes for your comfort.


The instructions, of course, are in Korean, so I had to Google the mask for directions and was quickly able to find them in English via Amazon. I first washed my face with a gentle cleaner and applied the mask on my face for 25 minutes, removed and patted my face dry. The sebum mask hands down was awesome. The next day my face wasn’t as oily as it normally is.

Three days later, I tried out the Green Tea mask, which was made to detox the skin. My skin felt very rejuvenated and fresh afterwards. Just 48 hours after finally testing out Korean beauty products, I was a bit confused with some of my “results.”  I woke up and my I had two huge pimples on my chin and a minor breakout on my forehead.Of course, everyone’s skin and how it reacts to products is different. Basically, when it comes to beauty, everything is a case-by-case situation. Now I will say that my menstrual period had started the day before and two days prior I had made the mistake of sleeping in my makeup. So, it’s kind of hard for me to gauge whether those pimples were the result of the face mask or my menstrual and makeup mistake.

Either way it goes, I decided that I will still try out these masks and see what they can do for my skin. I have one left, the lemon mask, I mentioned earlier, which is for brightening your skin tone.

Stay tuned for my final thoughts on these beauty masks, as I test out my final mask I purchased.

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