3 Tips To Instantly Take 5 Pounds Off Your Face

Jackie Aian X The Real

Photo Credit: The Real

Celebrity makeup artist and beauty blogger Jackie Aina recently appeared on “The Real” to share face-slimming makeup secrets. Check out her three top tips below that will take five pounds off your face instantly!

#1: Contour, Contour, Contour!
Rounder, fuller face can be slimmed down with a good contouring.

“This gives shape to an area of your face,” said Aina. Start with the temple and draw a “3” on the side of your face for guidance. (Your 3 points should hit your temple, sideburn and under-chin area.)

#2: Fill in Your Brows
Filling in your brows is a great way to make your face look slimmer,” shared Aina. “Making them look for arched and prominent complements your facial features, and brows that are too thin can make your face look fuller.”

#3: Highlight
Highlighting your brow bones can give the look of an eyelift without surgery,” Jackie points out. “Highlighting is the key to getting those defined cheekbones that make your face look thin.”

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