5 Ways Water-Only Hair Washing Has Benefited My Hair Regimen

Woman washing her hair

If you’re like me, it was hard to give up shampooing all the time, and it was even harder to give up conditioning after going natural. In my defense, I love my hair getting sudsy from poo and soft from co-washing. However, I had to face reality when no matter what I did—just shampooing, shampooing and conditioning, or just co-washing—my hair was still dry and so was my scalp.

Then, it seemed like the hair gods directed me to type in “washing hair methods” on Google when I stumbled upon water-only washing. At first I was like, “wait, what?,” then I looked at my dry, brittle, and dandruffed head and accepted that nothing can get worse. So I began my journey and here are the five benefits of this method I’ve found in the weeks since I’ve started doing this.

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