Hype Chat: Draya Talks ‘Tresses’ Hair Line & Staying Fit

Draya Michele

Draya styling “Tresses By Dray” contest winner @fin.stefani | Photo Credit: Instagram.com/sodraya

Hype Hair: Let’s talk hair. Can you tell us more about your hair line?
My hair line is Tresses by Draya. I like my natural hair, but I also like to wear long hair. I’m into weaves, I’m into clip-ins, I’m into all of it. I just like to switch up my look and I think that extensions and weaves, and tracks, and clip ins, all of that, can help you with that.

HH: What’s your regimen to maintaining healthy hair?
Honestly, my hair just started getting healthy. I take a lot of hair vitamins and supplements. I have a nice length of hair, so I’m a little confident to not always have it weaved up. Since it’s not always weaved up, I can wash and condition it often and that helps so, so much. [Before,] I would go for like a year straight with my hair weaved and braided up and it was never getting washed properly and never getting condition properly. So now that I’m able to leave my natural hair out and conditioned, it’s in such better condition.

HH: Do you have a celebrity hair crush?
I would say Ciara because her hair is always together. It’s just pretty. I don’t think she ever has bad hair days. I don’t know what type of method she has for her hair, but whatever she has going on is very natural to me and I like it.

HH: What are your must-have hair products?
I like to use Argan oil. As far as the brand, it doesn’t matter – I’m pretty simple. But, I also really like TRESemmé products.

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