Flashback Friday: Beyoncé’s 15 Most Memorable Hairstyles

From Star Search runner-up to R&B girl group domination with Destiny’s Child to solo powerhouse, Beyoncé has had the ultimate come-up throughout her career that has played out in the public eye since her teenage years.

Notably, her hairstyles garner just as much attention these days as her artistry it seems. Constantly changing her hair – like most women do – Beyoncé’s mane has rightfully become it’s own topic of conversation, even having it’s own fan for that fabulous Sasha Fierce effect.

In celebration of the Beyhive ringleader’s 34th birthday, we’ve rounded up her 15 most memorable hairstyles from the good, a few bad and one ‘do that we still can’t quite come to terms with. Continue clicking and try to guess which styles we’re talking about.

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