Hair Porosity 101: What Is It & Why You Need To Know

Hair Porosity Level

Want to know what porosity level you have? Simply take the hair porosity test and find out.

  1. Fill a glass half way with tepid water.
  2. Pull out a strand of your hair.
  3. Place your strand into the glass water for 2-5 minutes.

After your time is up…
• If you hair stayed at the top you have low porosity hair.
• If you hair floats around the middle, then you have normal porosity hair.
• If you hair sinks to the bottom, you have high porosity hair.

Once you have discovered your porosity level, you are armed with the knowledge you need to pick out the perfect hair care products that work best for your hair. No more guessing, no more wondering why a particular product isn’t working for you. Only better results. So get to know your hair better. Explore your porosity level today!

Press play below for help identifying your hair porosity:


About the author: Claire Brown is the owner and founder of Kriya Botanicals, an all natural hair care product line. With a degree in Exercise Science, she uses her health and science background to develop all natural hair care products. For a breakdown of each porosity level, or additional hair care tips, visit today or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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