Janet Jackson Is Everything On “Unbreakable” Album Cover

Janet Jackson X Unbreakable

Janet Jackson stans rejoiced yesterday at the release of what may be the “Unbreakable” album cover, and must I admit, I was one of them. I was overwhelmed by her “everythingness” (yes, I am making up words). At first glance, I wasn’t sure where to even focus first: her majestic lioness mane or the fact that the megastar hasn’t aged in, say, 20 years or all of those luscious bangles and rings. Okay, I’m a hairnista, so it’s got to be the hair! It screams retro “janet” – like “That’s The Way Love Goes” and “If” and all the dances we were learning behind our parents backs, wrapped up into a ball of super glam, grown-ass woman-ness. Yaaaassss.

There’s still no concrete word on whether this is the official cover. But, a week or so ago, the pop icon gave “Good Morning America” an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the photo shoot for the album cover and tour. The 49-year-old (what?) is serving face on set while being photographed by Yu Tsai. Wardrobe designer Kim Bowen also dished on the looks being planned for Ms. Jackson including rock ‘n’ roll, ethnic, sexy, funky, “punky,” tribal and organic.

Press play below to watch the footage.

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