4 Reasons Why You Should Try Dry Brushing

Photo Credit: Mario Castello/Corbis

Photo Credit: Mario Castello/Corbis

Cracking the code on getting radiant and flawless skin is a real task.

Most of us spend tons of cash on beauty products and makeup that claim to get the job done, but it seems as if we’ve all forgotten one old school way to get a glow: dry brushing. Yes, the ancient practice has been making a definite comeback lately. We brush our hair and our teeth on a regular basis, so why not our skin?

Simply brushing the skin in a particular pattern with a dry bush, usually before showering, can result in lots of improvement in the appearance and overall feel of your skin.

Dry brushes can be purchased at most health food stores, speciality beauty stores, and even some drugstores. However, not all brushes are made equal. For dry brushing in particular, you want to make sure that is made of natural, not synthetic, bristles.

If you think it’s too good to be true, click through the next pages as we school you on 5 reasons that you should add dry brushing to your daily routine.

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