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The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Postpartum Hair Care

Puffs and Buns  - Lazy Girl's Guide To Postpartum Hair Care Lazy girls, the key is to keep it simple. These tips below will help you to spend more time with your new baby, maintain your flyness and give the illusion that you actually spent time doing your hair. Nobody really has to know your secret. When they comment on how great your hair looks just smile and say ‘Thank You’ ūüôā

Quick Tips For Maintaining Your Natural Hair Postpartum

  • Drink plenty of fluids.¬†Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Maintain proper hydration for both healthy hair and a healthy postpartum lifestyle, especially if you are breastfeeding, by drinking plenty of water daily.¬†Try to shoot for 64 ounces per day. I know it sounds like a LOT, but remember this can mean drinking water, milk, decaf drinks or flavored waters to reach that goal.
  • Sleep on a satin pillow case or loosely tie your hair with a satin scarf. If you’re going to use a scarf or bonnet, be sure to keep it snugly fastened around your edges but super loose throughout the length of your hair.
  • Pineappling¬†(loosely gathering all of your hair to the top front of your head and tying a scarf around the perimeter) is key to maintaining your roller sets, flat twist outs or 2 strand twist outs.
  • Fake The Freshness.¬†For wet or dry sets – Play up the shine with a quick spray of light oil sheen after a few days.¬†It gives the effect of a freshly done ‘do without all of the fuss.
  • Bobby Pins are always your friend. Keep some in your purse at all times.Use them for a quick pin-up or to tame fly aways.¬†You can use them to style¬†a funky Fro Hawk or a classy up-do.¬†You can also use them to pin down your curls at night for a little extra security.
  • Age Gracefully.¬†For curly styles – As your style “ages in” you can finger coil to bring some life back to your curls. If your texture isn’t curly, flat twisting will give the same effect.¬†Just make sure you’re using the correct products for your specific texture.
  • Quick Fix.¬†What I like to do most days is to use a long thin satin scarf or elastics as a headband.¬†I also use them at the base of my curly puffs and buns.¬†This is a quick two-minute fix to create a style when you’re busy or on the go.

Until next time stars, let’s keep those manes in check!

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