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5 Key Elements For Your Natural Hair Journey

Butterfly Starter GuideSo you’ve decided to return back to your natural hair and good for you, but now what? You don’t know the first thing about effective home hair care and every Google search on “Natural Hair” brings back 94,400,000 results (in 0.53 seconds). So are you returning back to your natural hair or getting a degree in Google searching with a minor in being confused? Returning back to your natural hair can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be —  not for you.

You should be able to enjoy your natural hair journey at any length and have information that will help you live a healthier hair lifestyle. One of the top reasons why so many revert back to using relaxers is due to the process being more research driven than they expected. All information on natural hair isn’t created equal. Many run into websites that contradict one another and join groups that do more tearing down of ones process, uncertainty, and lack of knowledge than they could ever do in building them up. These reasons alone are enough for anyone to go running back to that chemical fix that seems to take away all of the judgment, insecurities, shame, and ignorance.

When looking over the top things all naturals need, want, and must know the list could go on and on, for days. However, it all comes down to learning about 5 key elements of your natural hair journey.

  1. Hair Washing
  2. Moisture Retention
  3. Shrinkage
  4. Shedding
  5. Hair Length

Tackling these 5 elements will put you on the right side of these curly streets and ensure you know how to handle your hair. Remember, this is your natural hair journey, if it goes right or wrong the only person you have to blame and or credit is you. Your natural hair journey can be as simple or as hard as you make it. You can easily make it harder by not understanding how to apply these five elements to your hair. Your hair is unique; how you wash, retain moisture, deal with shrinkage, evaluate shedding, and understand your hair length all encompass your hair’s “Special factor”.

No matter if you’re newly natural or have been a veteran in the game for years, these key elements can’t be avoided. If you are finding you are suffering in any of these 5 key elements, you can do a Google search (which will result in a plethora of page results) or you download a FREE e-book breaking down all five of these elements. No matter where you go, understanding your hair’s needs will enhance your hair’s health and decrease your frustration. Happy Natural Hair Journey Butterflies…:)

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