Style Points: Tia Mowry Talks Style Icons & Favorite Hairstyles

Tia Mowry (Hair by Kim Kimble)

Photo Credit: Gregg Deguire

Tia Mowry has been wowing us for years. From Sister to Sister to The Game, she’s been amazing. Now she’s a super success in her show Instant Mom and she has a fabulous show on the Cooking Channel! We caught up with the actress to share some of her perspectives on life, career, hair and beauty!

How do you balance marriage, motherhood and career?
I don’t even know if there is such a thing as balance! I just take everything a second at a time, a day at a time, a moment at a time. I forgive myself and don’t take myself too seriously either. I also prioritize—my child, my husband and my family definitely come first. Whenever I am working, it definitely has to be something that is worth taking time away from my family.

Who are some of your favorite style icons?
I absolutely love Jessica Alba! In the daytime she’s at a mommy event and very flirty and cute, but when it’s time to be sexy she knows how to bring it and is still very classy. I love Jennifer Lopez, mainly because of the risks she takes with fashion. I’m really trying to do that. I also really like how Nicole Richie has a relaxed, Bohemian look.

Are you natural or relaxed, and how do you maintain your hair?
I am natural and always keep my hair in protective styles. I especially like it braided.

What are your favorite hairstyles?
My favorite hairstyle, by far, is the ponytail. I love how pulling your hair out of your face really allows the face to shine. I also am way in the bone-straight look — it’s timeless and sexy.

Name five of your must-have hair products.
A great shampoo, a great conditioner, a great oil treatment, a good organic coconut oil-based deep conditioner, and a nice leave-in conditioner.

How do you feel about extensions?
I have a love/hate relationship with extensions. I love them because you wake up flawless, but prolonged extension use, depending on how it’s done, can cause hair damage.

If you wear extensions how do you typically have them styled?
Down and wavy.

What are some of your favorite styles you do yourself?
Bone straight and ponytails.

Who does your hair?
I work with Kim Kimble’s salon.

Do you have any beauty tips to share with our readers?
Always get a good night’s rest. A lot of people focus on how to be outwardly beautiful, with creams and facial washes. But really, it starts with the inside. It’s all about getting enough rest, drinking enough water and eating right.

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