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The Most Important Step In Your Hair Care Regimen (IMHO)

Deep Condition Natural Hair

Photo Credit: Dr. Susan Walker

Conditioners for Natural Hair
Natural hair requires adequate conditioning regularly and we need to invest in a high quality (and not necessarily a high cost) conditioner. The main types of conditioner agents used in products for curly hair are cationic surfactants, fatty alcohols and polymers. They work to improve hair softness and manageability, enhance shine and seal the cuticle. You may also find silicones, emollients and oils that may either penetrate into the hair shaft or add “slip” to the hair; proteins, vitamins and botanicals that improve the look and feel of the hair.

 A great conditioner should leave your hair feeling soft, detangled and moisturized. That feeling should remain well after the conditioner is washed off and while the hair is styled.

Conditioners formulated for naturally curly hair will typically contain emollients and oils in a fairly high amount. This is because curly and coily hair tends to be drier than other hair types. Now when it comes to conditioners, there are so many types available, and each one has its specific attributes and benefits to the hair. For the purpose of this discussion, I’ll refer to moisturizing conditioners since this is the type of conditioner most curlies will be using.

Moisturizing conditioners can increase the moisture content of the hair, improve elasticity and manageability. When we talk about your hair needing extra moisture that doesn’t mean oil. Hydration is a main characteristic of water so increasing water really means replenishing water in the hair and preventing or minimizing it’s escape into the surrounding environment. So anything that is going to help improve water retention in the hair is ideal for dry textured hair. There are many ingredients that will help and emollients and oils are among them.

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