Not Again! Allure Gives Afro Tutorial For White Women

hype hair afro-allure

Apparently, for every organic hairstyle in the black community, there is a white option for it.

The afro that was once deemed unprofessional in the work place and a political and cultural sign of rebellion during the the surge of the Black Panther Party, is now the “cool thing” to wear. The afro style that comes natural to Black women because of our thick, kinky, curly hair is now being marketed to White women. In Allure magazine’s August issue, they give a complicated eight-step tutorial on how straight-haired women can achieve an afro.

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We’re going to assume they decided to appropriate Black culture (yet again) thanks to transracial Rachel Dolezal and her faux afro. But, we weren’t here for her and we aren’t here for this.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it okay or not okay?

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