WATCH: How To Properly Comb Out Your Child’s Natural Hair

Most of us are leery of chemically relaxing children’s hair, but don’t often know how to properly comb out their hair without damaging it. In the video above, I will be walking you through steps to comb out a young girl’s hair, who like most of us, has multiple curl patterns. Hers are a combination of 3C, 4A and 4B textures, but the tutorial steps will work with any texture of natural hair.

First, we’ll start by shampooing the child’s hair using a 3-in-1 shampoo to make it easier and save time with shampooing and conditioning. We will then use the fingering technique to detangle the hair without using a comb. Once the hair is detangled, we will comb through and detangle some more using an Afro comb. I also use a cream detangler to manage her hair while combing it through.

Press play above to watch the full process of finger-combing and detangling to style her hair while preventing breakage and help with hair retention.

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Taliah Waajid

For over 25 years, Taliah Waajid, “The Queen of Curly, Coily, Natural Hair Care,” has lived, breathed and loved natural hair. It is her life and it shows in what she has done, not only to benefit her, but also for the benefit of others in the natural hair care industry.