8 Tips for Packing While Natural

beachI’ve always loved to travel but hated to pack! There’s something about living out of my luggage full of things that I need, may need and knew I would never need, but packed anyway, that makes me feel all anxious and unorganized.

Especially after day one, when those once neatly tucked away belongings are scattered everywhere throughout your bag and temporary residence. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve become familiar with the dread of being away from home, having forgot a very necessary component to your natural hair regimen, among a group of women who either have relaxed hair or also didn’t pack what you need. For the entirety of your stay you have to either re buy your product or walk around with a head full of mediocre natural hair.


For me, it was the latter, so from then on, I vowed to be fully equipped with all my natural needs and potential needs.

Here are my list of tips for you if your packing while natural

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