Your 5-Step Guide To Finding The Right Hair Stylist

new-salonCan we all agree that one of the hardest parts about moving to a new area is breaking up with your beloved, long time, hair stylist and finding a new one? Your quest for a great hair stylist that cares about the health of your hair, styles well and is reasonably priced, can be a daunting task. It becomes especially difficult when you’re starting from scratch in an area where you don’t know anyone.

Now I’ll admit, the internet has made this task a lot less difficult, but even still, finding a brand new stylist to trust with your crown of glory is intimidating.

If you’re anything like me, you dread introducing someone new to your hair. The feelings of uncertainty that comes along with sitting in that chair for the very first time, wondering if everything is going well up there and not knowing how you’ll look when you’re swiveled towards the mirror, is not one you love. Especially when, even if a stylist comes highly recommended, trail and error is the best way to see if that stylist is right for you.

So, here is our five-step guide to help you make sure you get it right, right away.

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