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8 Tips To Summer-Proof Your Natural Tresses

Cheryl Johnson

Photo Credit: Andrew Parsons Photography

Ahh, the joys of summer are upon us! Here are some quick summer natural hair care tips on keeping your curls looking great during the hot summer months.

1. Water is Your Friend
It’s super important to moisturize from the inside out at all times. I’ve never been a huge water drinker, but I’m coming to understand how important water is for your body, your organs, your skin and your hair! Yes, your hair! Drinking more water is a great way to make sure your hair and body stays hydrated throughout the summer months.

2. Embrace Shrinkage
Don’t even waste your time prepping your hair for your twist outs, unless it’s an absolute must! With the humidity, your hair is bound to swell, and your twist out will easy turn into a fro. There have been many a days where I would style my hair thinking I’m going to have a bomb twist out in the morning, only to find that it lasted for 2.2 seconds after I stepped outside. Opt for wash-n-go’s or other styles that work with your natural hair texture this summer.

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