Let It Bake: The Makeup Technique Pros Have Been Using For Years

Baking Method

Do you bake? And by baking, I do not mean anything about eating, cooking or anything else that involves the kitchen — unless that’s where you do your makeup!

Yes, baking takes on an entirely different meaning when it pertains to your face. For years, this makeup technique has been popular among drag queens who used it to ensure their beat face stayed in place for the entire show. Well, the cat is out of the bag and now, baking is becoming a popular practice among many who dabble in makeup.

Many would like to warn you though, this look is not one that is meant for daily use. This is a look that should be reserved for the night life or a special event. There’s no need to bake for a visit to the grocery store, but if you need your makeup and its dramatic effect to last through your special occasion, you may want to get your bake on.

So what does baking involve? Well, not much more than your regular makeup regime:

  1. You pretty much apply your foundation as you normally would.
  2. After your foundation application is complete, you’ll apply under-eye concealer for a dewey finish or loose powder for a lighter, matte finish to the places you want to be highlighted.
  3. Let it sit — or bake — or at least 10 minutes. This will allow time for the powder to be absorbed into your skin, making it hard for sweat, time or activity to cause your makeup to fade away.
  4. After you finish baking, blend it in using a beauty blender, sponge, brush or your fingers.
  5. Check for any areas that may need additional concealer and apply.
  6. Set the look with a loose powder or a setting spray, especially under the eyes, corners of your nose and your cheekbones and let it bake for another minute or two.

You may get a better idea of how this done by letting YouTuber Curls N Lipstick show you how it’s done. Click through to watch the visuals.

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