HCW: Missy Elliott’s 7 Most Memorable Hair Styles

hype hair_missy

She’s supa dupa fly.

Missy Elliott came into the game in the 90s, she’s been one of those rare artists who maintained the lane they created. She’s created a legacy through her music, dancing, music videos, and style that has transcended through the years. The perfect example is Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance.

Even the younger generation who didn’t know who she was became instant fans and the three tracks she performed shot right up the iTunes charts some 10 years later after their original release. Always staying in her lane, also inspired a lot of bold hair styles we talk about today.

And, despite the Lifetime Aaliyah biopic NOT getting her character right, they did nail down her memorable hair.

Missy’s Finger Waves

When she first stepped on the scene, she rocked very distinctive finger waves. She may not have been the first, but she’s definitely the most memorable.

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